Here you are on the site of Ton Sipman. He started as a biologist with an universitairy degree, but he switched to the world of images soon and became a photographer. He worked in most all the fields of the photography but tended to fashion and beauté. For that he lived and worked in Paris for some years.

The order of appearance is chronologic mostly. It starts with the latest. Anywhere in the row you'll find a green dot. From here the photographs are made the analogue way without any image processing. Now and since some years his photographs are made digitally. But he sticks to his techniques to create all the lights and effects before and at the moment you push the button. It is much more easier, better, cleaner and less time consuming than in the edit later on.

But he went back to analogue photography as well, shooting on film, 135 mm as well as 4x5 inch, black-and-white and color both.

If you want to talk to him, mail to

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